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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah we all know about that, how many times have I posted about HD Porn and the Live Pornstars fucking on Webcam? Like 100 right? Well, every fucking time that I come here to post, that Live HD Porn Show website comes up with something fucking new. It’s not my fault if they decide to make things better and improve their quality of service every fucking month. You know, when something fucking works you got to let people know, when something gets better than better you got to inform the public, so basically that why I’m always fucking talking about this Live Pornstars Shows website!


So, lets move on and tell you that there is a new network of porn websites soon to be launched on the web and from that I have heard this is going to be the Money Shot, it’s going to be the Home of the best Porn.

So I looked into it and had a chance to talk with who is behind it, the people are the creators of CherryPimps.com and we all know how fucking amazing that website is, well they have 13 websites coming out that will all be related to the mother website, in other words a huge network of amazing porn websites, but not just porn… NEVER SEEN BEFORE PORN, all new stuff, thousands of hours of porn!

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Nice chubby sluts turned to Porn and banking on it!

First of all I would like to apologize for gathering a bunch of photographs and posting them like this, anyone that is interested in the BBW Porn world really won’t care and they will enjoy what I brought to the plate today. Most of the girls work for one specific companies that produce Live Porn Videos on a daily basis, I myself have dated girls that some extra weight and I have to say that I was very attracted by then, so from time to time I will actually sit down to watch some nice chubby babes having sex.

pornstarspornstars 1
pornstars 2pornstars 3

If you are a girl that has excessive love handles, and you would like to get involved in the adult entertainment business, if you would like to become a famous pornstar then maybe you should visit this Now Hiring adult entertainment websites, maybe you should fill in an application, maybe you should go to their studios and star in a casting video and maybe you could actually make it and become a popular pornstar.

To get an idea what a casting video is, people free to visit my exclusive and free Porn Links blog.

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Food and cock, thats what this pornstar is interested in

That’s not my personal opinion, that is exactly what she told when I had the opportunity to be at the studios over at CherryPimps.com (Live Pornstars network) where she was about to perform in a live porn show.

She said that she can take enough cock and food, she will eat and she will fuck all day if she could. I personally told her that she looks beautiful and if she lost of her body weight she would look even better and most probably become one of the most popular porn models ever seen in the history of porn. That is when she showed me her Facebook page that have close to 2 million fans, there she told me that “the reason that I have so many fans is because I love just the way I do”.

bbw pornstars

So then I looked into the category BBW Pornstars and noticed that it is a very big thing, that millions of men and even women from all over the world loves to watch these kind of porn videos or live porn shows. So I purchased one offer DVD box set and sat down and watched in the office while I was working last week, and I have to say she is very good at what she does and I have to admit I do like it!!

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Hot Phat Pornstars have a lot and I say a LOT to offer

I have to be on all of those Pornstars that have a little bit of flab on them, you know, those love handles, I find them extremely attractive, I am not attracted to pornstars, maybe just a few, just a handful, but the majority of them I’m very indifferent, but if they do have a bit of extra weight then I find them extremely interesting to say the least LOL!

piggy pornstars

But where I wanted to get today is to talk about to websites that nobody knows about yet, simply because they are brand-new, the first website is a Amateur Girls Photos database, where you can find girls from the age of 18 years of age all the way through college graduation therefore up to 2526 years old, these all photographs taken either in the mirror, or the so-called selfie’s that we all know and we all take, they have to thousands of these photographs, and they are all extremely recent remember that this website is free to use; visit it now without wasting any more time.

But before you do that maybe you would also be interested in this Amateur Porn Videos Links website that offers 100% free porn, not only offers porn videos that you most probably have never seen before because this is the first time that they have been placed on the Internet.

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We haven’t posted here since September but I have brought to incredible websites for you to enjoy

Actually we did post here after September, however the server administrators actually changed our service to a new and more improved location, what they forgot know what to do a decent backup, a professional, and because they did not do that we lost several months of blog posts especially those blog posts will be talked about the new reality and the huge trend on the Internet today that is called Live Porn and obviously all the links that lead to specific websites that were considered the very best kind.

live porn

However, I wouldn’t panic that much because I have those blog posts hike in my mind and therefore I remember each and every single one of them and I do remember exactly what I thought of each and every one of those websites and therefore I can simply bring back of the links here that says Live Porn Shows and I guarantee you I will be doing so in the months to come in order to recover all the lost data and at the same time we will mention more new discoveries, new websites, and websites that we consider our up to our standards and are completely deliberate and unique in their kind/category/niche.

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Piggy Live sluts, live porn, live pornstars shows!!!!

keep in mind that this is a website that we have mentioned many times before, and the good reason why we’re bringing it back up time after time, it simply because this Live Porn videos network offers a lot more than just live porn. The reason that I have posted several links that leads to this network in this very blog and on the past articles that I have written on other resources, is not to spam in any way, but it’s to give the opportunity to them that you have to visit and understand what it is all about. Because only by visiting this amazing website you will actually realize what they offer is absolutely unique.

hottest pornstars live

This is live porn starring famous Pornstars, the ones that we all know, the ones that we all see very often in the blockbuster porn videos that we find around the Internet, these are the girls that are featured on the adults magazines, such as Playboy or Hustler magazine, these are the women that pick up awards in Las Vegas every January at the AVN awards.

Well, said that like to end this briefing just letting you know that there is a social media page out there where you can read and share incredible articles from all over the world, the place is called MOAR LOL and as you can see it is linked right here in this paragraph so that you can click on it at your convenience if you wish.

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Lets show you some real live porn videos websites…

first time that I landed on this website, I was not even asked to review it, I was searching for something totally different on Google and came across what I’m very happy to know is the one and only Live Porn network that offers famous pornstars fucking live on WebCam on each and every one of their shows.

live webcam porn shows

Since then I have been a regular member, since then I have been enjoying the Hot Pornstars on a daily basis, because that’s how many shows they give, practically a famous model every single day having sex live on WebCam on this very network.

Another cool feature about what you get when you sign-up is that you can enjoy also lists Pornstars Masturbating website as well, there are another 12 websites to add to that to include everything in the package will cost you roughly less than a dollar a day to be a member of. So in other words you get to see all the live porn you can possibly imagine starring obviously the most famous pornstars in the adult entertainment business today and during each and every show you can enjoy all the other websites that have millions of digital photographs and HDTV videos of hot women having sex.

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If you like live porn you’ll fucking love these pornstars

That’s the whole thing, these Live Porn shows broadcasted over the web every day of the week are actually starring famous pornstars, nothing like the competition that all he offer you his life born, if you can call an amateur having sex by a WebCam porn. I myself call it a tragedy, I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the services and they have never delivered, they have always disappointed me in till I actually got to see my first live pornstar show a website called cherrypimps.com.
That’s when my eyes got to see a true live porn video for the first time in my life, this was roughly 6 months ago, this is when I decided to review it for the first time and straight after I became a member, I signed up and I am spending roughly 90 cents per day to watch unlimited live porn, and I can still confirm today that everything that I’m watching is absolutely authentic, is absolutely live, you can actually interact with the pornstars that are getting fucked and while they are fucking. They have this amazing live chat, and several times when I talked to the girls on the other side, they actually answer back saying out my name and I find that absolutely amazing.

wildoncam_holly_west_live webcam porn

You can do the same, and a good feature is that you don’t even have to sign up all you have to do is take the free trial and get full members access for a whole day, that is correct a whole 24 hours and you can get to see all the live porn and all the archives that they have back there absolutely for free, and then after that if you don’t want to sign up you have no obligation. However whoever does sign up for the free trial, and I’m talking about the 97.9% of you do eventually sign up to get a full membership and watch all the Live Pornstars fucking hard on WebCam on a daily basis.

Because you can actually watch this on your smart phone, on your tablet, on your notebook, on your laptop, and on your computer or Mac, makes this an absolute and extraordinary feature, so if you would like to promote these Porn Paysites

Live porn videos with hot and famous pornstars

How many times have you heard me say this? But apparently when I say that there is a website that offers live shows starring the Hottest Pornstars in the adult entertainment industry, I am the only one that is actually being accurate and telling you the truth. While if you read it elsewhere, unfortunately they are just trying to get your credit card number and once they have they will offer you something that you weren’t expecting, something of extremely low quality and definitely not the famous pornstars that they claimed they could offer you initially.

live webcam porn wildoncam

Don’t get fooled by the bright colors and the well designed websites, that’s a word that makes my point: “well-designed” They try to make them catchy, including digital images of Famous Pornstars, making you believe that they can actually offer you the when in reality the truth is far away from anything being close to a famous pornstar fucking on live WebCam.
The only network that truly offers this product, these services, this absolute reality, is place called CherryPimps.com and as you can see I have linked that very website and its sister network in the paragraphs above, you can click on them and visit her websites directly, so that you can have your own opinion instead of listening to mine. All you know I could be a maniac LOL, actually whoever knows me, who ever has been following me, knows that these 13 years of being an editor all I have done is bring to the plate truthful reviews of websites that honestly deliver, and the one that I have mentioned in this blog post and provided you with the links, is one of those websites that I would truly recommend also because I am a member and have been enjoying these live porn videos for the past three months.

Now, among my readers if there are any webmasters, I would have an extra suggestion for you that would be to try out this Paysite porn program, that I have posted also links and banners on my network of blogs, websites, message boards, and the outcome has been absolutely outstanding. Not only are you offering a true product to your visitors, something that no other affiliate program network can possibly offer them, but at the same time you are making honest and good cash, a flow that comes in bimonthly, and in these nine months that I have been using it they have never skipped a single payment and all payments are accurate and get here on time.

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The hottest pornstars all in one LIVE location!

What I have noticed before there was some sort of exclusivity and order put among WebCam shows, was that there were a few adult models that were known, I can’t say that they were actually famous but they were no, that would perform here and there on different WebCam networks. I remember maybe two years ago watching Pornstar Samantha Saint on a website that doesn’t exist anymore, she was really good but unfortunately the quality was terrible and I’m talking about video and audio. Then I was searching for other models and I would notice that they were on other websites and networks, and it was very annoying to be honest, so be because I didn’t have one location where I could find everything that I was looking for.

cherryspot_natalia_starr_hottest pornstars

But things changed, it happened that somebody thought it would be a great idea to gather in exclusive hundreds of Famous Pornstars and have them perform live on one network, three websites where signing up you get access to all three at one price, with all the world’s most famous pornstars doing live porn videos and masturbation shows.

The last two words in the phrase above, is kind of a novelty on this network that were talking about, because they have just opened a brand-new website called Cherry Spot and that is entirely dedicated to adult models working on their own on WebCam, in other words famous babes that you have seen in all the porn movies that you watch that masturbate, that have many orgasms while you are watching.

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